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  • Dorothy Maes

Master Talent Foundation partners shine @Gault&Millau 2020

On Monday, November 4th 2019, the Gault&Millau Guide Edition 2020 was launched.

Master Talent Foundation is proud to have so many ambitious and hard-working partners. Those partners are also looking to the future by sharing their knowledge and giving guidance and mentorship to international and national interns.

Congratulations to these partners!

Ansoler 14/20

Bon Bon** 19,5/20

Boury** 17,5/20

Carcasse* 13,5/20

Chambre Séparée* 18/20

De Fakkels 15/20

De Kwizien 14,5/20

De Jonkman** 18/20

Divin by Sepi 13,5/20

Eyckerhof* 16/20

Franq* 14,5/20

Het Gebaar* 18/20

Hofke van Bazel* 15/20

Hostellerie Le Fox** 16,5/20

Hostellerie Saint Nicolas** 16,5/20

Humus&Hortense 15/20

La Durée** 16/20

La Source** 17/20

LESS Eatery 14/20

Nathan* 14/20

Nuance** 17,5/20

Oak* 16/20

Restaurant K 13/20

Sel Gris* 16,5/20

Slagmolen** 18/20

Souvenir 15/20

The Jane** 18/20

Vrijmoed** 17/20

Veranda 15/20

Zoethout 14/20

We would like to send a special congratulations to Chef Bert Meewis of restaurant Slagmolen for being Chef of the year 2020!

Chef Bert Meewis with Joel Scholar, intern from Le Cordon Bleu - London

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