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  • Dorothy Maes

A dream without a plan is just a wish!

During these trying times it is not always easy to keep focusing on your dream!

Making a plan and sticking to it helps.

Before making a plan, think about what your dreams are.

What are your culinary interests?

Are you dreaming of your own restaurant or bistro?

Which type of cuisine will you bring?

Did you think about the design of your restaurant or bistro?

Where will you learn the skills to be successful?

We, at Master Talent Academy, have made a start of collecting info on several topics in culinary.

We have called it ‘virtual internships’. Go to

and log in. You can choose a course and start gathering info for your future.

To make life easier, follow the step-by-step plan on how to participate.

Work on the dream, make a plan, sign up!

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