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  • Krispijn Yperman

How about an internship with a DJ or an artist from Tomorrowland?

Tomorrowland has become one of Belgium’s most iconic events. The tickets 400.000 for this unique festival were sold out in a few hours. Two weekends long over 50.000 visitors each day from around the world took a dive into the fascinating world of the People of Tomorrow.

In the line-up of DJ’s you find … our internship partner, chef Nick Bril of two Michelin stars restaurant The Jane. On Friday he played his set on the Spectrum stage. But this was only one part of his job on the festival. The whole festival he managed the “Aperto” festival restaurant. As a true mentor he supported each day another young chef from another continent who was invited to prepare some exquisite dishes from local food.

Roger van Damme, the World’s Best Pastry Chef and Chef of one Michelin star restaurant Het Gebaar, showed his best artistic skills. He created a dessert with the best ingredients inspired by the scene of the mainstage. For this dessert he used a foodprinter to create a special effect in the form and crunch of the dessert. His story you can find on Instagram.

Inspired by their story? You can learn from these masters during an internship with Master Talent Foundation.

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