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New partners and succesful interns

Master Talent Foundation has been promoting gastronomy and hospitality in Belgium for the last 5 years. We do this by offering culinary internships with top restaurants in Belgium.

Students, graduates and young professionals from all over the world come to Belgium to learn from the best chefs. They are rewarded for their hard work, dedication and perseverance with knowlegde and experience they would never have obtained without this internship.

Our Master Talent Community is growing and more schools, official institutions, students and professionals find their way to our Foundation. Hard work pays off, we tell our students… looks like this also relates to us!

Last month, one of our interns at Hofke van Bazel*, Nhat van Tran , aka Duke, announced he was hired to work at the restaurant after his studies! Well done Duke! You have made yourself proud!

We are also very proud to announce we have new partners.

Franq in Antwerp, Souvenir in Gent, Natan in Antwerp and Sel Gris in Duinbergen.

You can find more info on the chef and their restaurant by clicking on the photos.


Sel Gris

Students or professionals who are interested to become a member of the #mastertalentcommunity can apply via the website or

See you soon!

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