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  • Dorothy Maes

A winning combo

Yesterday was another very exciting day for Master Talent Foundation. On Sunday afternoon we drove to Hasselt, the location of one of our partner restaurants, De Kwizien.

De Kwizien’ is a fine-dining restaurant where creativity, fair products, passion and tradition go hand in hand.

The kitchen is led by lady chef Anne-Sophie Breysem. She was Lady Chef of the year in 2015 in Belgium. Furthermore, she was the youngest lady chef ever to win this prestigious award.

For her kitchen she selects fair products where she is assured of a quality chain “from farm to plate”. Her innovative approach and revelatory ideas, together with the traditional warm hospitality of the province bring a fresh sprinkle in the gastronomy in the region.

Anne-Sophie is an amazing mentor as well. At this moment, culinary student Pamela Rubio is doing her last days as an intern. She is very excited about all the new techniques she has learned and the opportunities she has experienced of working on all aspects of the kitchen.

The one thing she will take back to the Culinary Institute of America is the force of determination and perseverance.

‘It is all new: the country, the language, the kitchen, biking, doing the laundry with instructions in Dutch, sometimes you get really tired. But then Anne-Sophie talked to me, convinced me and pulled me through the hard times.’ Pamela witnessed yesterday .

Every intern meets his/her own boundaries at a certain point during the internship. Such an internship is challenging on every level. This is the moment when the quality of the mentor shows.

What we witnessed yesterday : a top-mentor and a very motivated intern = WINNING COMBO!

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