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Welcome to the Master Talent Community: Chef Sander Van De Walle - Restaurant Caillou

Chef Sander Van De Walle used to be sous-chef at Restaurant Sel Gris* in Knokke.

But it was time to move on and chef Frederik Deceuninck of Restaurant Sel Gris* made it happen… Together they built a new project. Caillou was born and Chef Sander Van De Walle is now Chef at Restaurant Caillou.

Chef Sander understands the importance of doing intenships. He interned at ’t Hof van Cleve***, De Lijsterbes, Den Oosthoek, Tribeca** (The Netherlands), Zaranda** (Spain) and Likoké* (France).

At Restaurant Caillou the chef serves a contemporary cuisine which reflects the result of the experiences gained in his internships and work in Michelin starred restaurants. Making desserts was his first love, that is why he has a great eye for detail.

In 2016 he won second place at the prestigious competition ‘Saissonier Patisserie Benelux’. In October 2018 he won the title ‘First chef of Belgium Prosper Montagné’.

Interested in a #culinary #pastry #internship with Chef Sander Van De Walle?

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