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  • Dorothy Maes

Master Talent Foundation at the International Recruitment Forum 2019

On 11 and 12 March 2019 Master Talent Foundation was present at the 21st International Recruitment Forum of Swiss Education Group (SEG) in Montreux Switzerland. Schools of Swiss Education Group are:

Students interested in an internship in Belgium came to booth 15 to discover the pictures of our SEG - alumni and the partners of Master Talent Foundation.

For us it is very important to be able to talk to the students. During the conversation, it becomes clear what they are looking for in their internship. This information is important to do the correct matching between chef and student. We can also give them more information about the location, accomodation, etc.

Thank you SEG for having us and thank you students to come and talk to us!

We are looking forward to the 22nd IRF in October!

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