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A new concept for Hertog Jan***

Simplicity isn’t simple

This is the motto of golden boys, Chef Gert De Mangeleer and Maïtre Joachim Boudens.

Since more than a decade they determine the standard of contemporary gastronomy in Belgium.

Since 2014 they are housed in an impressive historical farmhouse, just outside Bruges, surrounded by a spacious garden with organic herbs, vegetables and flowers. They are the leading examples for new talent in Belgian gastronomy.

2019... time for a new concept: Chef's Table anyone?

In 2019 they start a new chapter in their culinary projects.

The 3 Michelin restaurant in the farm house will be transformed into a Chef’s Table project open to 12 guests, 5 times each month.

Or Love. Eat. Share. Smile (L.E.S.S. by Hertog Jan) …. for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner?

At the same time the kitchen team will develop and prepare new menus, pastry and food concepts for Bistro LESS in the city centre of Bruges, a fine dining restaurant and other future culinary projects.

Opportunities for internships!

An internship at Hertog Jan offers you the opportunity to participate in the Chef’s Table project and the development of new products.

This is a unique opportunity to experience different aspects and approaches in kitchen and pastry to the organisation of modern gastronomy.

For internships in kitchen and service we offer a combination of the Chef’s Table project and service in Bistro L.E.S.S.

Both Chef Gert De Mangeleer and Maître Joachim Boudens, together with their team, excel in the mentorship and training of young professionals

For more details, please go to our website

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