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5 Years of Master Talent Foundation!

Master Talent Foundation celebrates its 5th birthday!

Time to celebrate!

These past 5 years, many students have lived the Master Talent experience: an internship with one of our partners: chefs and pastry chefs of renowned restaurants in Belgium.

Students worldwide come to Belgium for a work- based learning programme in the kitchen or the atelier of one of our partners.

Most students are still in culinary school, some have graduated and others own a restaurant.

They all come with the same drive: learning from a MASTER!

How did it all start?

When you put a work-based learning expert and a Michelin-star Chef around one and the same table…

Jan Buytaert, the founder of Michelin-star restaurant Bellefleur, started to talk about the marvellous work-based learning experiences he had at the start of his career.

If you could get in touch with a chef you wanted to learn from, you made an agreement and the adventure started. This is not possible anymore due to legislation and paperwork.

The work-based learning expert, Krispijn Yperman immediately saw the potential.

Dorothy Maes joined the group to give moral and administrative support. She loves to listen to their creative conversations and takes notes to remind them later!

The Founding Fathers had a plan. The hard work started: research, setting up the foundation, contact partners, schools, …

To make a long story short… Master Talent Foundation was born and the possibilities are endless.

In these 5 years, numerous students have come to Belgium and some have even gone abroad.

In the next weeks, we will shed a light on their experience through testimonials.

We hope you will enjoy our story!

Interested in a culinary internship? Contact us:

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