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  • Krispijn Yperman

The learning journey of the next generation South-American top chefs

Six young chefs from Ecuador take up the challenge for a culinary exchange project in Belgium. From 12th February until the 24th March 2018 they are invited by 6 renowned Belgian chefs, to learn all about the European culinary tradition. This is a joint project of Master Talent Foundation and the Asociación de Chefs del Ecuador.

During their 6 weeks stay in Belgium each chef from Ecuador has a Belgian Michelin starred chef as his personal mentor. These mentors guide the young chefs during their internship in their restaurant. The internship brings the opportunity to have a professional experience in a Michelin starred restaurant. At the same time the participants learn to work with typical regional ingredients and they acquire insights in European culinary traditions.

The exchange project also introduces the Belgian chefs into the secrets of Ecuadorian cuisine. During their internship the chefs from Ecuador prepare meals for the restaurant team of their mentor. Using their own traditional recipes typical South-American products and spices they offer their Belgian hosts new taste experiences.

The team of 6 Ecuadorian chefs also organise a joint workshop on Ecuadorian cuisine for a group of culinary students of the Hotelschool PIVA in Antwerp. Together with these students the chefs prepare a lunch for their mentors and a group of guests, with the vice-consul of Peru in Antwerp and the Consul-General Ecuador as guests of honour.

This culinary exchange project prepares these young chefs for a successful international culinary career. At the same time these chefs are the best ambassadors for Ecuadorian cuisine.

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