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Experience the revival of an international network for internships and the impact on the image of ga

Master Talent Foundation organises internships for culinary talents in Belgium and abroad, with chefs, chocolatiers, bakers, pastry chefs and butchers in the top segment of gastronomy in Belgium and worldwide. The interns and the mentors form an international professional network. Master Talent Foundation brings these partners together in this network and facilitates a smooth organisation of these internships.

The founders of this project are Jan Buytaert, chef at Njam TV and president of the jury of Flanders Kitchen Rebels, and Krispijn Yperman, member of Flanders Food Faculty and expert in Work Based Learning. On November 20th, 2017 they will present the project and invite partners and interns to bring a testimony about their experience.

Join us on November 20th at 14h00 PM

Flanders Expo - Innovation Platform - Hall 3

Address: Maaltekouter 1 - 9000 Gent.

More info: contact us

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Master Talent is back!

We believe we can make the world better every day by building bridges and connecting young and established craftsmanship in culinary.

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