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La bottega rinascimentale: a laboratory of ideas and learning opportunities

Chef Massimo Bottura leads a food revolution. His passionate speech at the #50BestTalks: Food Forward event in Barcelona presented the kitchen as a laboratory of ideas and learning opportunities.

We all know him as the chef-owner of Osteria Francescana, No.1 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016 and currently ranked No.2. His fight against food waste, has resulted in the creation of ‘refettorios,’ soup kitchens where surplus ingredients are turned into delicious dishes. He inspires a generation of chefs around the world to use their growing influence ultimately to end food waste.

The very essence of this revolution starts with a reflection on what happens in the kitchen. For chef Bottura his kitchen is a “laboratory of ideas in which we produce culture, we provide education, promote tourism and amplify our social impact”.

When chef Massimo Bottura describes the learning opportunities at his Osteria Francescana, he speaks about “la bottage rinascimentale”. A renaissance atelier where apprentices learn from their master. The learning process provides knowledge on products, skills and techniques, but also offers profound insights, “a signature mark from the master” as chef Bottura describes it.

This concept of the renaissance atelier describes the very essence of the Work Based Learning projects Master Talent Foundation organises. Young graduates and chefs are invited for an internship experience with a chef of their choice. This internship provides the unique opportunity to learn how a vision on gastronomy is translated into unique tastes and textures by pairing flavours and adapting the appropriate preparation and presentation techniques.

“Knowledge does not only come from external influences, but also from within the restaurant, it comes from the team.”, chef Bottura states. As an intern you are a part of this team. You will be a part of this influence. An influence that will mark your future.

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