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  • Krispijn Yperman

How Michael Vanderhaeghe wins the "Trophee Jeunes Talents Escoffier"

Michael Vanderhaeghe is the first Belgian young chef ever to win the prestigious "Trophee Jeunes Talents Escoffier" in Paris.

This trophy is the result of a well prepared Work Based Learning journey. After his graduation at the school for gastronomy in Koksijde Michael started a journey of work based learning, which gave him the opportunity to experience different styles and techniques. His contacts with different chefs at the top of European gastronomy and the experience in divers kitchens have given him an in depth insight in what is gastronomy essentially about.

Master Talent Foundation organised for Michael Vanderhaeghe a six month work based learning programme in collaboration with the renowned restaurant Bras*** in Laguiole (France). This programme gave him the opportunity to experience and reflect on how Chef Michel Bras has created his own style and concept of cuisine. Internships with other chefs made this experience into a real learning experience which gave Michael a profound knowledge of products, techniques and attributes to develop his own approach.

Ambition and focus on quality are family trades at the Vanderhaeghe family. Michael walks in the foodsteps of his father Franky Vanderhaeghe. He also started his career through a pathway of internships with some of the best chefs of that era. Franky Vanderhaeghe is a very amicable chef, well respected by his colleagues, who now offers himself internship opportunities to young talents. He runs the Hostellerie Saint-Nicolas, a two Michelin stars restaurant near Ypres.

The expedition of Michael has proven to be a journey worthwhile.

Congratulations to Michael Vanderhaeghe and the team that coached him.

Interested in a Work Based Learning Journey: Apply here

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